Friday, June 3, 2016

Is it Okie-Doke or Okey-Doke?...

either way it's crude and vulgar for a sitting president to use such a term.

And people call Trump vulgar?

Yes, I'm aware that the term okie-dokie or okie-doke started long ago. But, do you really believe that Odumbo knows that?  In the context of the sentence he was trying to spew out of his lips, which appeared to be having a spasm, this is the definition of okey-doke:

1. someone whose been tricked or duped
2. a trick
3. believing a lie; falling for a scam; a con-game; untruths; fraud etc.

You've probably never heard the term used like that because it's an urban phenomenon.  Now we all know "urban" is code for black.  Okey-doke is nothing more than black ghetto trash talk and this is all Odumbo could conjure up when his TelePrompTer failed him.

From NY Daily News: (emphasis mine)
President Obama has warned us about the newest threat of a Donald Trump presidency: Okey-doke.
It remains unclear what exactly okey-doke is in a political context, but as per Obama’s words, it relates to Trump and it certainly doesn’t sound too good. source
It remains unclear what exactly okey-doke means?  May I remind the NY Daily News that Google is your friend.

If you are one of the last 10 people on the face of the earth who hasn't seen this disgraceful display, here it is: 

Apparently, The Washington Post uses Google

Washington Post:  The old okey-doke: An Obamism some Americans don’t know

Hope n' Change Cartoons:   Okey Doke from Muskogeedoke

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Meantime, the peaceful anti-Trumpers in San Jose threw punches and eggs at Trump supporters 'cause they be not fallen for the okey-doke.

Gateway Pundit:  THIS IS WAR! San Jose Hillary Supporting Mayor Approves MASS VIOLENCE Against Trump Supporters

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