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Robert Stacy McCain: The Despicable David Brooks...

my sentiments exactly.

In my opinion, Stacy McCain is one of the great writers of our time.  His background in journalism hearkens back to a time when journalists actually knew what they were doing.

While he devotes this column to the fisking, with fisking being too mild of a word, of David Brooks of the New York Times, I would gladly add some of the other anti-Trumpers like George Will, Erick Erickson, Mark Levin (oh, how you've disappointed me, Mark), and the elitist cabal over at National Review.

These people, who live in their very own rarefied bubble of isolation, do not speak for, or to, me.  Their bloated egos feed off the bloated egos of the people they hang with.  You know, the people who are smarter, more clever, more sophisticated, and certainly better dressed and more beautiful than the poor schmucks who live in the fly-over zone.

Let me make something very clear:  If it wasn't for us, you wouldn't exist.  It never occurs to you that the soy skinny latte (ugh) that you're slurping down while having conversation in the corner coffee house, is made possible by us.  We manufactured the cup, raised the soy, and drove it in big-assed trucks to the corner cafe over roads we built.  We built the table on which your elbows are so elegantly draped.  Hell, we even built the structure you call your very own corner cafe.

You, as a group, are useless.  You make your living from lecturing and hectoring the very people who make your life possible.  

Yesterday, a Right Scooper wandered off the reservation and said this to me in my combox:
Long time reader of your blog... but.. F. trump.. F kasick.. F you and your blog... you now own what happens...
Not sure how you F a blog, but good luck trying. 

No longer do us hicks have to fend off the insults and derision of the libtards.  Nope.  Now we have so-called conservatives attacking us.  But, guess what?  I don't care, and most of my like-minded accomplished friends don't care either, because we can do things.  Useful things.  We make your life possible, and God help you if that ever stops.

The Despicable David Brooks
by Robert Stacy McCain

Once upon a time, David Brooks Fisking Day was celebrated here every Tuesday. The New York Times‘ token “conservative” column was so predictably wrong about nearly everything — his political instincts are so bad — that I had to lash him around every week just to relieve my system of the excess bile generated by reading his pretentious bulls–t. At least twice, circa 2007-2008, I walked out of events where Brooks spoke; the experience of being in the same room with him was intolerable. Once, a few years ago, I found myself in a discussion with Jonah Goldberg as to which New York Times columnist was worse, David Brooks or Thomas Friedman. Goldberg insisted Friedman was worse than Brooks, and I suppose it’s a matter of opinion, but in my opinion, Goldberg is wrong. Friedman may be demonic, but David Brooks is Satan.

Why do I hate David Brooks so much? Because I am a populist, a Jacksonian who believes that the American people deserve a government that serves their interests, and not the interests of a decadent elite. All elites eventually become decadent and corrupt. This is what history teaches, and our country is being ruined by the sort of people David Brooks rubs elbows with during his annual pilgrimages to Davos, deracinated cosmopolitans with no loyalty to anything, devoted to no principle except the increase of their own wealth, status and power. The comprehensive wrongness of David Brooks eventually became so glaringly apparent — about the time he expressed his admiration of Barack Obama’s pants creases — that everyone realized he is Satan. Once his diabolical wrongness was universally acknowledged, everybody with a blog got in on the Brooks-fisking game, and I lost interest in the sport. Nowadays, it takes a really spectacular exercise in Brooksian douchebaggery to get my attention, and he delivered such a specimen earlier this week:
Read the Rest.  No, really - READ THE REST


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wait for it,

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