Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sixteen women "journalists" send letter to Trump...

did any of these sixteen "journalists" bother to proof read the letter?

Apparently not.

And why, in this age of "we're all equal", do they have to designate themselves as "females?"

Here's your weekend challenge:  Take the list of these self-professed "journalists" to the grocery store.  Ask the first 100 people you bump into who they are.  Don't be surprised when they have no idea of the identity of these women.

Michelle Fields (may I never have to speak of her again), reached out to grab at Trump.  Mr. Trump is under the protection of the Secret Service, as are the other candidates.  Anyone with a minimum of three black eyed peas rattling around in their head should know that to grab at someone under protection is not only not acceptable, but dangerous.

These situations, with large numbers of people milling about, are very dangerous for the candidates.  May I remind you of what happened to Robert Kennedy in a very similar situation?  It is because of the assassination of RFK that candidates now have Secret Service protection.

Whether under Secret Service protection or not, it would never, ever occur to me to grab at someone.  It's just not acceptable behavior. 

These women, who demand to be treated equal to their male counterparts, are suddenly all abused females touting their femaleness, and demanding recompense for being female.

Which is it ladies?  


Jeffrey Lord at American Spectator:   The Corey Lewandowski Wars

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