Thursday, April 21, 2016

Has American Thinker been taken over by a zombie attack?...

another example of media bias and outright silliness.

It seems someone named Marilia Duffles penned an article that was accepted by American Thinker for publication.

In this article, she, with nothing in her background to suggest expertise, has called Trump a psychopath and compared him to Mussolini and Ted Bundy.  She admits that Trump is not a full-blown psychopath who kills people, but displays many of the traits of a psychopath.  So do I.  And so do you.

American Thinker tells us that Ms Duffles is a contributor to The American Spectator and The Financial Times, a former scientist, and worked in the Reagan and Bush I administrations.

Here's what they didn't tell you.  Ms Duffles is state co-chair in Hawaii for Kasich's leadership team.  She is Brazilian by birth and now lives in Hawaii. 

Marilia Duffles (2nd from left) & Former U.S. Rep. Charles Djou (2nd from right) file Gov. John Kasich's ballot paperwork with officials from the Hawaii Republican Party.  (Stacey Djou (far left) and George Simmons (far right) joined Congressman Djou and Ms. Duffles at the official filing.)

Back in 2009, she penned an article in the Huffington Post defending Brazil's President Lulu as "charmingly un-PC."

It seems that President Lulu is called charming while Trump is called a psychopath.  Those Brazilians sure stick together.

In 2011 she penned, again in the Huffington Post:
Brazilian by birth and having lived in Brazil as a child and in Hawaii since 2003, my dual-cultured heart is bursting with excitement over this opportunity to “talk story” (as we say in Hawaii) with President Obama as he prepares to visit President Dilma Rousseff. It is with this spirit that I appeal to him to open his eyes and heart on this Atlantic journey whose people will make this a nostalgic trip back to his Pacific ohana. 
And here's what I couldn't find with a cursory search this morning.  I can't seem to find one single article where Ms Duffles criticized Obama for trashing the constitution.  Not one.  But, she feels confident that Trump will rule like Mussolini.  Somehow or another the other branches of our government are just going to sit back and let Trump do whatever he wants.  I don't think so.  He is, after all, white.   We all know the reason Obama has not been impeached.  It is because he is "black" - even though he's not. 

I remember not so long ago looking forward to reading The American Thinker.  While I didn't always agree with every author, I did enjoy the comments and often learned as much from the regular commenters as from the authors.

Not anymore.

The combox is overrun with unfamiliar names that I suspect are paid trolls, and has sunk to the level of childish taunts and insults.


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