Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Project Veritas: Undercover Common Core Vid: Exec Says "I hate kids...it's all about the money"...

and millions of people get up every morning and send their children to be propagandized by these horrible people.

By the time their "education" is complete, their children will be raging entitled libtards, who demand "safe spaces" in college, and will face a future of staggering debt while serving coffee at Starbucks. 

Don't miss what she has to say about home schoolers, which is essentially, "You didn't go to school to learn how to teach, so just leave the matter to "professionals."  You may correctly infer that to mean  parents are too stupid to teach their children.  A typical arrogant libtard.

Someone needs to enlighten her to the fact that education majors score well below average on their SAT's.  

Even CBS gets it:   Here's The Nation's Easiest College Major

Any parent who thinks that they can overcome the damage done by the state run propaganda machine called public school, did not get enough protein in their breakfast.  These people have control of your child for up to 8 hours per day.  The amount of propaganda heaped into the little snowflakes skull during those hours is not going to be overcome by a ten minute chat in the evening.

From YouTube:
Published on Jan 12, 2016
In this shocking explosive video of this new series about Common Core, a senior Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt sales executive says she hates kids and the textbook manufacturers prefer profits to the needs of school children across America.

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