Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday: Cleanup in aisle 4...

the one that holds all the tabs.

I wanted to comment on each of these, which only represent about half of the tabs I have open.  Thing is, I slept in until 9am when I am usually up at 5am.  So, here it is at 1:31pm and other than breakfast have not accomplished much of anything.  I'm not even dressed.  Arrrrgh

So comments will be limited to one sentence.

I've been saying this for years:
Soopermexican:  Here’s THREE Simple Things You Can Do Every Day To Help DISMANTLE The Mainstream Media!!
Take your children out of public indoctrination centers otherwise known as "schools."
The Blaze:  Mom Tells Teen Daughter ‘There’s No Way You’re Going to Do This’ After She Comes Home From School With ‘Islamic State’ Assignment 
People actually watch this crapola? 
The Blaze:  Watch the Shocking Scene From ABC’s ‘Scandal’ That’s Being Lambasted as ‘Stomach Churning’ — and Listen for Song Playing in Background
As usual, RR brings his foreign policy expertise to light. 
Reaganite Republican:  WHAT To Make of Donald Trump's Soft-on-the-Russians Thing?
Blogger in need of prayers.
The Blog of Monte Cristo:  Prayer Request for Blogger Down  
The commercialization of Christmas does not really bother me anymore.  I love looking at all the stuff I'm not going to buy. 
OnePeterFive:  Dear Retailers: You’re Making Me Hate Christmas. Stop.

There's much more, but it will have to wait.


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