Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Matt Drudge: Facebook and Twitter are ‘Internet ghettos’...

couldn't agree more.
“I don’t know why they’ve been successful in pushing everybody into these little ghettos, these Facebooks, these Tweets, these Instagrams,” Drudge said on The Alex Jones Show. “This is ghetto, this is corporate; they’re taking your energy and you’re getting nothing in return.”  Matt Drudge  source
The word that comes to mind when contemplating Facebook is "imprudent."  People announce to every thief within 50 miles of their home when they will be on vacation. Young girls post pictures with bulging cleavage and pouty fish lips and wonder why their dates expect them to "put out."   They insult and demean their employers and/or customers, and post memes with racy language while in the process of job hunting.  Do they really think potential employers don't check out social media when contemplating hiring someone?

Recently, a young woman was interviewing with a certain Catholic diocese for what she thought  would be her "dream job."  Many of her Facebook posts are filled with foul language and questionable memes about the Church.  She complains constantly about her current job, and ridicules her customers. She has what is called "attitude", and it's not good.  Based on her social media, I wouldn't hire her to pull my weeds. She didn't get the job.

And the selfies.  Do not get me started on the selfies.

You may consider this article to be hypocritical because obviously I go to Facebook.  I have a few people I wish to stay in contact with, and am interested in what they are doing.  Several years ago, when my "friends" list was well over a thousand, I realized that if I couldn't pronounce the name of their home country, and didn't even know where it was, these people were probably not my "friends."  It took me two weeks, and several hours a day, to delete these "friendships." 

Good comment from the InfoWars site: (emphasis mine)
I made a Facebook account because it was required in order to have access to a popular dating site I wanted to use. Big mistake. I can study social engineering, the indoctrination institutes that schools have become, the brainwashing mainstream media, yet none of it has damaged my hope for humanity in the same way Facebook has. Although I contribute very little to Facebook, it's given me a point-blank view of the rampant narcissism and mental illness that's prevalent throughout society today. You can clearly see how every facet of people's lives requires constant validation in order for them to feel happy. Nobody does anything without considering whether or not its socially acceptable first. You can see how its infiltrated their thought processes. I dated an attractive girl who was completely broken down depressed one day because of a selfie she posted which received less "likes" than she expected.

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