Monday, October 12, 2015

It's not Indigenous People's Day...

no matter what some people declare.

From Weasel Zippers:  At Least U.S. Nine Cities Now Celebrate “Indigenous People’s Day” In Place Of Columbus Day…

Why am I not surprised to see St. Paul, MN on the list?

Word is that Elizabeth Warren is ecstatic over the move.

First off, the Indians were probably invaders from Asia.  They didn't just spring fully formed from the mud of Iowa.

When did this revisionist history start its long seep into the minds of Americans?

Some comments from WZ:
They made war, they held slaves, they ran other tribes off their lands. They were just like everybody else on the planet at the time. They have been romanticized into fantasy.

Oh you mean the violent savagery, environmental destruction, and the utter lack of any invention or technological progress?

Yes indeed, by all means let's celebrate the great contributions of the "Native American" before Columbus. So, in the 10,000 years native Americans lived free from European pestilence, they produced no lasting structures on American soil, no written language, no political or philosophical treatises of any kind, no Plato, Socrates or Homer, indeed , let's celebrate.

 And so I close with:

and to our friends in Canada:

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