Saturday, September 19, 2015

Be careful about what you don't say...

this is just ridiculous.

Megyn Kelly goes all out to whack Trump for something he didn't say.

I really don't like that woman. Never have.

Some guy at a Trump rally asked a question.  While asking the question, he said he didn't think Odumbo was a citizen and was probably a Muslim.

Some people are outraged that Trump didn't school that guy.  Really?  When did it become Trump's job to defend Odumbo?

Now we have the "brilliant" Megyn Kelly grilling Andy Dean, the former head of Trump Productions, on why Trump didn't defend Odumbo.

So, there you have it.  Forget politically correct speech.  Now you can be pilloried for what you don't say.

As an aside, if Andy Dean's brain and Megyn Kelly's brain were in a 10K, Andy's brain would be at the finish line while Megyn's brain was still trying to tie its shoelaces. 

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