Saturday, August 15, 2015

It's Friday...

what's going on?

I know it's Saturday, but I started this post yesterday and decided to keep the Friday part.  

I'm posting this without my usual editor fixing commas and such.  Please feel free to mentally  add or remove commas.  Thank you...

Have you been following the Conservative Treehouse "tripwire" articles?  Very interesting, and I think, very important.

I could spend lots of time explaining what they're predicting, but they've already done a great job, so I won't waste your time.

To quote Sundance, author of the articles:
"I WANT TO BE WRONG – Because if we are correct, the next 15 months are just about an exercise in futility."
I am of the opinion that Treehouse is completely right about what is going on.
This article from Aug. 9,  GOPe 2016 Road Map To Victory – Tree House Challenge…

sets the stage for the Aug. 11th article, The GOPe Tripwires Continue – Despite Campaign Trouble Rick Perry Must Be Kept In The Race…

I would suggest you read them both.

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Minnesota is thinking of dumping their state exchange, MNsure, and sending the enrollees to the Federal exchange.  Despite how poorly the exchange has done, Minnesota libtards still think Obamacare is working wonderfully well and that if it wasn't for Odumbo we would all be under the rising sea water - or something.
Minnesota’s state exchange, MNsure, has faced billing problems and low enrollment numbers. After the King decision, Representative Matt Dean (R), calls MNsure an “unnecessary problem.”

It was recently announced that a software problem with MNsure forced 180,000 Minnesotans to have their MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance renewals delayed. This created a dilemma for politicians: deny coverage to people in need, or contribute to the insurance of some ineligible people, typically 5 to 10 percent of enrollees. Not surprisingly, the politicians choose the second route.

Another problem with MNsure is that 24,000 Minnesotans did not even receive a bill for a full half-year. This has created two problems. First, there is uncertainty over how much each individual should be required to pay. Second, many individuals that had to budget for each month’s premium will now be required to come up with a half-year’s worth of premiums.

MNsure is scheduled to cost $229.6 million through June 2017. However, most of this will be covered by the federal government, Minnesota will only pay $16.5 million. For this price, the state has received software that cannot update basic life changes such as marriage or birth of a child.  there's more - if you care.
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And, in ultra liberal St. Paul, a black teacher, Aaron Benner, is running for the school board to end this whole concept of "white privilege."

Here's how the St. Paul school district spends the tax payer's money.  About three year ago they hooked up with PEG (Pacific Educational Group), a consulting group out of San Francisco, who say that the reason little black kiddies do poorly in school is because they just don't understand "white" culture.  I'm sure the cost for this service is huge. 

Benner had this to say:
“You are not doing kids any favors by making excuses for them because they are black,” Benner told EAGnews in the spring. “It’s not a matter of culture if you’re talking about norms that all cultures need to abide by – you cannot throw things or attack your teacher, regardless of your race.” source
Visit any St. Paul neighborhood group Facebook page and listen to the libtards squeal about the complete lack of discipline in their precious public schools.  It's so bad, they don't want to send their kids to the  schools.  Not once have I seen anyone actually mention what the real problem is. They're just dumbfounded about what's going on.  Libtards need to protect their normalcy bias and white guilt at all costs.

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   Yesterday a judge said that the undercover videos featuring Stem Express could be released.  Today Stem Express cut ties with Planned Parenthood. Things that make you go, Hmmmmm.

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Erick Erickson of Red State, wrote a positively hilarious article today at Town Hall (remember, Town Hall, Red State, and Hot Air are all owned by the same company) about how the GOP should quit dissing Trump.  This after he dumped Trump from the Red State Gathering.  Erickson knows he's peed in his corn flakes and is busy doing damage control, while Megyn Kelly is taking a week and a half "vacation", because, after all, she hasn't had a vacation in six months.  Who needs Comedy Central when we have clowns like this running around off their meds.

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Interesting interview with Trump.  He sounds almost normal. 

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