Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More signs of insanity...


Reading the news is dangerous to your mental health. 

Politicians are still wrangling over the Confederate flag.

American Thinker:  Keep the Confederate Flag Flying

People who consider themselves adults think running in "mud races" is fun.  What the hell happened to chess and reading a good book? Or how about sitting around in pretty clothes having adult conversations with other adults while enjoying an adult beverage.

The Blaze: Texas Woman’s Horror Story of How Participating in a Mud Run Damaged Her Eyesight

You'll be happy to know that The Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in the West Village, has been named a city landmark.  And later today, Odumbo will have a reception for homosexuals in the White House to celebrate gay pride month - or something. I've had about enough of the 2% of the population that seems to garner 99% of the attention.

Weasel Zipper:  Obama’s America: Erase All History Of The Pre-Civil War South While A Gay Bar Becomes A National Historic Landmark In NYC…

Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse:
Corporations, individuals and the federal government continue to rack up debt at a rate that is far faster than the overall rate of economic growth.  We are literally drowning in red ink from sea to shining sea, and yet we just can’t help ourselves.  Consumer credit has doubled since the year 2000.  Student loan debt has doubled over the course of the past decade.  Business debt has doubled since 2006.  And of course the debt of the federal government has doubled since 2007.  Anyone that believes that this is “sustainable” in any way, shape or form is crazy.  We have accumulated the greatest mountain of debt that the world has ever seen, and yet despite all of the warnings we just continue to race forward into financial oblivion.  There is no possible way that this is going to end well. read the rest
And Greece is ready to implode.

But, hey - don't worry about all this silly stuff. 

Guess What?

A blogger who thinks teaching at a two-year community college (otherwise known as high school grades 13 and 14), makes him a member of the intelligentsia, and who thinks making juvenile comments about the size of a lady's breasts (hey, how about those hooters?), called my blog lame.  I think he also called me stupid, but I'm not sure since he doesn't express himself very well.

I'm honored.

More Insanity: Demands That Anything Named After Senator Robert Byrd Be Changed

Moonbattery:  The Confederate Flag, Symbol of Rebels

Creative Minority Report:  So the Confederate Flag Should Come Down But Margaret Sanger Belongs on the $20 Bill?  

Posting will be light in the next few days as we prepare for a minor heat wave.  Today I ordered a portable air conditioner, and even paid an extra $49.00 for expedited shipping which made my thrifty little heart race.  It should arrive on Friday.  Considering our age, I think it will be a good purchase and well worth the $500.00 I just spent.

The Weather Report:
Sunny and hot, with a high near 100.

Mostly sunny and hot, with a high near 105.

Mostly sunny and hot, with a high near 101.

Mostly sunny and hot, with a high near 100.

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