Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ghetto Hip Hop Obama: High as a kite in Alabama doing his best shuck and jive routine...

don't miss all the nose pulling and touching.
As Weasel Zipper said:  I love watching Obama trip over his numerous fake accents. At the 2:02 mark he starts with “fifty,” followed by “fitty” and then ends with “fiddy”
The tax payers of this country paid big time to fly his ass down to Lawson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama to speak to a predominantly black audience of remedial students.

The libtards I know love this crap.  "He da man, doncha know."

My apologies for not being around lately.  I've been fighting off a cold and finally think I may be winning.  I've also had many daylily orders to fill. 

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