Thursday, March 5, 2015

Considering the weather today in many parts of the country, I almost hate to show you this...

but I will anyway.  

Why, yes - that crocus is blooming by my back deck.

And our temps will hit 60° by this weekend.

Sunday I'm going to plant lettuce, kale, and arugula in some pots since it's too early to work the soil in my veggie garden.  

I've really been enjoying all the posts about "Hillary is finished blah blah."  Silly peeps.  No she's not.  The average American couldn't care less about those silly little ol' emails.

I'll tell you who's finished.  We are.

And.........................OMgosh - I just saw a video of her getting off a plane over at TMZ.  Whoo hoo - have the doctors done a number on her face.  Scroll down to see the miracle of modern plastic surgery. And, trust me, she's just getting started.  By next year you won't be able to recognize her. 

Rather than sit around and stew about the collapse of our freedom, I'm going to do what any rational person would do -  I'm going to Costco and eat samples.

When I get home, I'll finish my spring sale ebay auctions.  Shipping of daylilies will probably commence a month early.

Special discounts to my readers who wish to order direct from moi.

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