Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our current world: Speaking of dumb and dumber...

here's some prime examples.

Skip the Sunday talking heads and take a gander at what we're really dealing with in our degraded and degrading culture.

First up?  Martha Coakley, who is running for governor of Massachusetts. Does she actually make Wendy Davies, aka Abortion Barbie, sound smart? 

Next up?  Taylor Swift, a vacuous anorexic singer who needs auto-tune because, contrary to what some people think, she can't sing...on pitch anyway.  And frankly, in my opinion, she's funny looking and would only be attractive to a man who likes adolescent girls.

Taylor has come out (Freudian slip?) in defense of Lena Dunham, the star of some crappy show on TV which I've never seen. And, no, I don't have to see the program to know it's crappy.

 This Dunham person has published a book in which she describes how at the age of seven she made a detailed examination of her one-year old sister's private parts, and is now in the throes of getting really, really mad at people calling her a pervert.

I'm not sure that warrants calling her a pervert, but it's definitely a bit strange.  I knew at seven years old that examining the private parts of others was not exactly appropriate behavior.

The brouhaha was started by Ben Shapiro's Truth Revolt site (no link on purpose) reviewing Dunham's book.  Truth Revolt is not on the top of my list for go-to sites.  Mr. Shapiro leans heavily towards tabloid reporting and often makes huge mistakes that are never corrected. 

Listen to this genius talking about Lena Dunham being empowering.

And not to be outdone, let's chat with some Texas Tech students, shall we?

To finish off this tour of present day America, let's check out the classy mayor of New York and his equally classy family.

And you don't think we have big problems?

Happy All Souls Day

Please pray for the faithfully departed.

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