Sunday, October 12, 2014

Adventures in Canning: Butternut Squash...

enough for a winter and spring worth of butternut soup.

We love butternut squash soup.  I make some with apples and ginger,  and some with curry.  An addition of some cream cheese makes it extra special creamy.  Before serving a splash of extra dry sherry is nice.

Butternut squash can be cured and successfully stored for up to 6 months in a cool dark place like a basement.  We don't have a basement and the barn would be too cold, so canning is my only real choice.

The store had a great deal at 25 cents per pound on winter squash.  Not sure exactly how much to buy, I bought way too much.  Oh well.

Usually when I make soup the squash is sliced in half, seeds scooped out, and roasted in the oven.  That way I can just scoop out the good stuff for the soup.

Not so when canning.  Oh, hell no.  It must be cut in half which is bit like cutting a giant steel ball bearing and then peeled.  It was ugly.

After cutting it up in chunks it was heated in boiling water for 2 minutes, loaded into quart jars,  fresh boiling water poured in, and processed for 90 minutes in a pressure canner.


A total of 13 quarts of butternut squash (with one squash left over for soup tomorrow.) 

What I learned:

  • Wear gloves when peeling squash.  It really sticks to your skin in a most unlovely way and is also very drying.
  • Each average size squash will yield about 2 quarts.  The larger ones about 2 1/2 quarts.
First batch yesterday:

Second batch today:

Isn't it pretty?

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