Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to put more time in your day and regain sanity...

or at least use your time to it's best advantage. 


 Turn off your email notification 

It's that simple.

Now I realize that for some people who may be running a business that relies on customer service, knowing when an email comes in could be important. 

But the majority of us don't need dinging sounds going off every time an email drops into our inbox. 

I became concerned when I noticed my heart skipping a beat whenever the notification sounded, so I turned it off.

The sky didn't fall in, my cat didn't start sleeping with my dog (even though she'd love to snuggle up with him), and I became much calmer.  


Don't get a "smart phone"

Do you really need an expensive iPhone plus all the high monthly charges?

Only you can answer that for yourself.

I'll wager that most people don't.

How "connected" do we really have to be?

Instead of connecting to the internet while in a grocery store, why not try connecting to the people who are standing right in front of you? 


Get rid of your stuff 

I'll let George Carlin say it for me while I go get rid of more of my stuff to make room for things that matter.


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