Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The last day...

of above 90 degree weather and the possibility of rain.

We need rain!

Between the canning, gardening,  and everyday commitments, my well has run dry (isn't that just sooooo original?)

I read the news every morning and can't work up too much enthusiasm for commentary.  

What can you possibly say about an unarmed person who is shot multiple times by a police officer?

I have even less to say about the thugs who decided to rob and vandalize such businesses as Dollar General and K-Mart as a way of protesting the aforementioned person's death. 


Dollar General?

The thing I'm most tired of seeing is headline after headline touting some new outrage by Obama.

Nothing will ever be set to rights in this country until people come to the realization that Obama is a nobody.   He really has no clue of what's going on because his handlers don't tell him.  They keep him busy doing fund raisers and playing golf.

The puppet masters send him out on a regular schedule to read what others have written for him and then he's back on the links.   

My biggest fear is that when he is no longer useful alive, he will be sacrificed for the cause by the very people who have thrust him onto the world stage.

Ann Barnhardt has said the same thing.  I think she's right.
Obama the man is a meaningless puppet and always has been.  I don’t know what it is going to take for people to comprehend that the drug-addled, sodomite imbecile is of zero importance to the decision making and strategy being implemented out of the White House, Pentagon and Foggy Bottom.  Sitting around acting all shocked that he is playing golf on the Vineyard with Valerie Jarrett’s cousin and Ahmad Rashad while World War 3 is fomenting is simply idiotic, especially after we are SIX YEARS into this. The only real relevance Obama the man now has is, as I have bluntly put it, as an “Expendable Faggot” whose false flag assassination by his handlers would ignite the mother of all Reichstag Fires, and which I fear more and more with each passing day.   source
While waiting for the rain, I have a house sorely in need of cleaning.

Always on Watch has assembled a plethora of information on so-called historian Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States: 1492 to Present, that is well worth your time to peruse.

And we thank her!

From AOW: 
 Please avail yourself of the opportunity to learn about the anti-American views of the man who has in recent years probably most influenced Americans' interpretation of our own history and heritage. Even conservatives have bought into many of Howard Zinn's ideas — and the disparagement of America. read the rest
The only people I know who think Howard Zinn is wonderful are sociopath libtards who love to call conservatives stupid and haters and yet, like my troll, fling about the most vile rhetoric like monkey's flinging their poo. 

The cleaning trolley awaits. 

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