Monday, August 18, 2014

Presser re: Michael Brown autopsy - Dr. Baden answers questions... .

but first claims impartiality. 

I sure didn't see that:

This wasn't a press conference.  It was "let's lynch a cop" conference.

Some of the things that I thought while listening to this so-called conference. 

I'm at 5 minutes and already I'm annoyed. Crump, the attorney for the family of Michael Brown, is blathering about eyewitnesses, who have proven to be, in most cases, most unreliable.

Oooops - now we're dragging mom into it.  And how many times is he going to say "execute."

Why all the "dis" and "dat's" from so-called educated men?

Dr. Baden just said that the shot to the top of the head exited from the right eye. 

I'm at 10:00 and not sure how much more I can take.

Dr. Baden is clearly on the side of Michael Brown.

Wait - did he just say a president has never gotten involved in the shooting of a black man?  Can you say Trayvon Martin?  And how about Odumbo remarking on his professor friend?

What a blowhard!

The professor buddy of Baden just contradicted him by saying that the bullet to the top of head was an entry shot. He then claimed the shot to the eye was an entry wound.   Baden claimed the eye wound was the exit of the shot to the top of the head.

If these two jokers every end up on a witness stand they'll get slaughtered.

Meanwhile, how many more illegals have slipped into the country while we're all focused on Ferguson?

I have a lawn to cut...

H/T: Political Clown Parade via Freedom's Light House.  

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