Tuesday, August 5, 2014

President "Ribbon Cutter" is having a big-ass birthday party tonight...

after having a boys night at Camp David with a whole bunch of unmarried men - one of whom was arrested for soliciting a (male??) prostitute.


Yep, the narcissist-in-chief thinks celebrating his birthday with a big party attended by all the low-life's of Hollywood is just the thing for a sitting president during these perilous times.

And in just 4 or so days he's heading off to Martha's Vineyard for 16 days of fun and sun.  Of course, he'll manage to round up his two daughters for the requisite trip to the bookstore.  Other than that, I doubt he'll even see them.  Who the hell does he think he's kidding.  

Have you had enough, America??

Not to fret.  Here's what "his people" are earning.

The Statistics Do Not Lie! Welfare Is the Best Paying Entry Level Job In 35 States! 

I'm proud to say that Idaho is dead last! 

  Today is haircut and errand running day as we head into the third week of high 90 degree weather.  My new pressure canner arrived a few days ago and I'm having the gauge checked at the Idaho Extension Office.  My motto?  Better safe than dead from botulism.

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