Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why do they keep saying Dan Markel must have known his killer because he opened the door...

don't most people open their door when someone knocks on it?

From ABC news:
A criminal law professor at Florida State University gunned down at his home was shot in the side of the head at relatively close range, ABC News has exclusively learned. 

Professor Dan Markel, 41, was fatally shot Saturday in the Betton Hills section of Tallassee, Florida, a neighborhood marked by Spanish moss and ranch-style homes. 

Investigators believe Markel knew his killer and may have literally opened his door to his own death.
“He was the intended target in this situation,” Tallahassee Police Department Officer David Northway said. read the rest and watch the video
How did this writer get a job as a journalist when he so egregiously misused the word "literally?"

Granted, I make lots of mistakes (I confess to being comma challenged), but I also don't call myself a journalist. 

A comment of note from the ABC article:
literally opened his door to his own death.
Someone please fire this reporter for misuse of the word literally as it adds nothing to the sentence except to alert us to the fact that the writer is an idiot.


Who killed Florida State University Law Professor Dan Markel?...

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