Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day...

or as Karl Denninger calls it:

Happy Dependence Day

Sad to say, but he's correct.

I know there's little we can do about most of the craziness we see going on.

None of us are likely to line up at the border with shotguns to keep illegals out of our country.

There is not much you can say to people who think the Hobby Lobby decision is a "war on women." They are the manifestation of years and years of the dumbing down of the "citizens" of this country.

Here's what you can do.

Take personal responsibilty for yourselves.

Pay off your debts.

Store some water and food.


And, try and enjoy today.

I'm going to pull weeds (I love to crawl around in the grass and pull itty-bitty garden interlopers.)

Pick a gazillion cherries from
 our heavily laden trees. 

Then I'm going to smoke a bunch of baby-backs on our old gas grill that I've turned into a smoker.  I have charcoal, apple wood (from our trees), a pan of water and have relentlessly researched this whole smoking thingy.  Wish me luck.

The roasted red potatoes are waiting in the fridge to be turned into luscious potato salad for hubby who dearly loves potato salad.  I'm a coleslaw type of gal.  My cabbage awaits.

The corn on the cob will be brined for a few hours before being thrown on the grill.  If you've never brined your corn, you really need to try it.  Loosen the husks and stick them in a pot of water with a bunch of salt for a few hours.  Just throw them on the grill and turn ever so often.  The silk will burn off and the corn will be sweet and tender.  I promise.

Next up - a blooming onion.  Here's how to slice it.  I'm going to wrap the bottom in foil, put some olive oil, butter, and spices on top, and throw it on the top shelf of the grill.

Bill Whittle sent us a warning last year.

Did you listen?

Have a lovely day.

And we must have a kitteh:

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