Thursday, July 10, 2014

A word about my troll...w/Update

who displays all the signs of a true sociopath.

Because, who but a sociopath would go to the trouble to acquire a VPN (virtual private network) just so they can come here anonymously and leave silly comments?

Does this person think calling me a c*nt, or any of the other colorful slurs, however unimaginative, is harming me?

You can almost hear the giggling with each new comment.  "Wow, this will piss her off, hee hee."

Well, no - it's not pissing me off.  I find it hilarious that you're spending your entire day leaving juvenile comments on my blog. I also find it amusing that you're spending money on a VPN so you can remain anonymous.  Except you may not be as anonymous as you think you are.

You need to get some help. 

As always with a troll the motto is:

Don't feed the troll.

That is all...


Look what Reaganite Republican sent me:

Thanks, RR

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