Monday, June 2, 2014

It's time to fertilize the lawn...

and so begins the search for fertilizer which still has phosphorus.

Why, you ask?

Because our stupid government has decided that phosphorus is dangerous.  It's why your dishes are dirty and cloudy after a run through the dishwasher using detergent without phosphorus. 

Let me say this as clearly as I can (Oh, good Lord - I'm starting to sound like Teh One.)

Just about everything can be dangerous if not used properly.  That also applies to fertilizer and herbicides.

What's the unintended consequence of using fertilizer without phosphorus?  Nothing; that is, if your soil has plenty of phosphorus.  A simple soil test will determine that.

However, if your soil needs phosphorus and you don't apply it in correct amounts, the result will be poor root development and/or possible soil erosion, which will cause your lawn to need more water.

What I find ironic is stacked right next to all those holier-than-thou bags of fertilizer with zero phosphorus is all the "weed and feed" products that, I might add, are spewed all over the fancy-dancy golf courses Odumbo plinks on, and they also include hefty amounts of phosphorus.

Wholesale slopping around of herbicides is a far bigger danger to the ecological balance than phosphorus.

 I might also add that those same golf courses have sprinklers that come on every single solitary morning so that the elitists can enjoy the greenest grass available.  Watering in this manner constitutes very poor lawn management.  That's why they need all that phosphorus.  Watering every day causes shallow root development, thus the need for even more phosphorus.

And you can bet all the greenie-weenie soy latte drinking elitist libtards are slinging that weed and feed crap all over their lawns in their gated communities, and congratulating themselves on not using phosphorus.  Dopes!

You can bet this lawn has had a bunch of herbicides dumped on it:  

 My garden calls...


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