Monday, June 30, 2014

About yesterday's "gay pride" events...

in which scantily clad men and women transformed themselves into slaves for the entertainment of the masses.

Pride, one of the seven deadly sins through which almost all other sins proceed, is indeed an apt description of what transpired yesterday.

 Simulated sex acts, the "leather" contingent with their bare butts hanging out, black leather masks and flicking whips,  men dressed as women, and bull dykes pretending to be men, are at the center of all this "pride."  Because the center of being homosexual is really all about the manner in which these people mutually masturbate.  They can't have sex according to the usual understanding of the word, because sex is to be between a man and woman and its goal is life.  That is impossible for these people.

What of the people who attend these events?

Lined up down the streets of every major city yesterday were hundreds of thousands of mostly heterosexual people, many of whom had brought their children, cheering and screaming the spectacle of grown men dressed in feathers, high-heels, and make up.

I'm sure if you ask them, they'll tell you that they support "gay rights", which are really special rights - not equal rights.  But if you dig a bit deeper, I'm quite certain you'll find something a bit different.

Recalling the games in ancient Rome, we find that the masses, the poor and unemployed, are to be kept subdued by means of entertainment, most of which was brutal.  Gladiators, who in most cases were slaves, fought to the death for the enjoyment of the crowds.  Occasionally, men were staked out in the ring to be mauled and eaten by wild animals.  It is said that the Emperor and his court, seated in their special boxes away from the poor, would often masturbate while people were being brutally killed.

Now I'm not suggesting that homosexuals are being physically staked out to be killed.  I am saying that their souls are being staked out, and that they are being used like the Roman slaves for the entertainment of the masses.

What they don't understand is that those people on the sidelines giving them the high-five are really a bit contemptuous of them.  They view them as the freak show they have become so they can tell themselves "thank God I'm not like them."

It's all really sad...



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