Monday, May 12, 2014

Did you hear the one about some wild and crazy students at Harvard having a Satanic black mass?...

or are you still recovering from the Sam the Ram homo-kiss?
The event hosted by the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club will feature a performance by The Satanic Temple. According to their website, the religious organization's mission is “to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people.” source
Check out this excerpt from the latest statement from Harvard (they seem to be offering up statements like popcorn at the movies.) Emphasis mine.
We do not agree with the student group’s decision to stage an event that is so deeply disturbing and offensive to many in the Harvard community and beyond. While we support the ability of all our students to explore difficult issues, we also encourage them to do so in ways that are sensitive to others.

To that end, the Harvard Extension School has worked with the club’s student leaders to address specific concerns that have been expressed. For instance, we have ensured that no consecrated host will be used as part of the reenactment. Also, in an effort to help broaden the educational nature of this series, the Harvard Extension School has urged the Cultural Studies Club’s student leaders to reach out to Catholic student organizations on campus to foster a positive dialogue about the Catholic faith. The club’s student leaders have agreed to this proposal.  source
Exactly how are they going to ensure that a consecrated host will not be used?  If they do use a consecrated host, I pray God will have mercy on their little black souls.

Reach out to Catholic students to dialogue?  Exactly why are the Catholics being called upon to foster a positive image of the Church to a bunch of numbskulls who worship Satan?  You don't dialogue with evil.  Not ever.

I'm Catholic.  I'm not "offended" and I certainly don't care if these dopes don't like the Catholic Church.

These students are playing a dangerous game by opening themselves up to demonic spirits.  I wish them God speed.

The garden calls...

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