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Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Blizzards, Floods, and Zombie attacks...

are you prepared?

Stuff happens.  Stuff happens more often than you may think. And stuff can happen to you.  Rational people are prepared to the best of their abilities.

Can you go one week without a source of water?  How about two, three, or four weeks without water?

You can survive three or four weeks without food, but only about three or four days without water.  So what happens when the diet soda is gone from the fridge?

If it's winter you could melt snow.  Not very clean and a whole bunch of work.  Live within walking distance to flowing water such as a river?  Not much fun either.

We're not hardcore "preppers."  But we have set aside a small area in our barn for dehydrated food and have acquired long term water storage.

Our choice for water is the H2O Reserve™ Emergency Water Storage System by Shelf Reliance and Seychelle.


20 – 5 gallon H2O Reserve Bladders and Boxes
1 – Pump with Standard Filter (100 gallon capacity)
1 – Replacement Standard Filter (100 gallon capacity)
2 – Filter cap adapters

We chose this system because of our cold winters and having to store the water in the barn.  If it were to freeze, hauling in a 5 gallon box is a lot easier than a 50 gallon barrel which would weigh 417 lbs. 

Just fill with your tap water and with the added addition of 1 tsp of chlorine bleach per 5 gallons for a bit of extra safety it should be stable for 5 years.

 The rule of thumb is to store at least one gallon per person per day.  This simple system supplies our two-person household with about 50 days of water.  We also keep five or six packs of Costco bottled drinking water.  Each pack has 32 bottles with 16.9 oz per bottle so each pack is close to another 5 gallons.  Bottled water can be stored for a year, but we drink the water to keep it rotated.    

The cost on Amazon for the H2O Reserve System is $177.98 plus $22.95 shipping.

Ignore the lone one star review on Amazon, which gave me my laugh for the day. 
Boxes and bags and no water!, September 12, 2013

j caprio - See all my reviews

No water. Just the bags and boxes. I was misled. It should be more clear. It's cheaper at the store cosco.
Seriously?  Yep, it is cheaper at the store "cosco", but there's still no water.  Idiot.  What exactly did he think the shipping on 800 lbs of water would be?

One answer to his review was:
J Caprio; You are a dunce. You should not be allowed to breed. 
I'd say that sums it up pretty well.  

We bought ours online from Costco for $149.99 which included shipping.  That's a difference of $50.94 from Amazon which would pay for your Costco membership.  If you don't have a Costco membership, maybe it's time to get one.  They have developed a very extensive online catalog for those who don't live close to a warehouse.

When I worked at the downtown Spokane store, we had many people who drove hundreds of miles to shop several times per year.  It can be worth your time and money.

What if you live in an apartment or teeny tiny house?

How about going in with a few friends to buy the  H2O Reserve System?  Even in a small apartment, you can use a box of water as an end table, or a couple for a coffee table disguised with a tablecloth.  Stick one in the closet and, voila - you have four to five boxes of water stored.

Don't forget about your bathtub either.  An average bathtub holds between thirty to sixty gallons of water.  But, would you want to drink it?

The waterBOB Emergency Drinking Water Storage (100 Gallons) is a nifty plastic bladder that fits in your bathtub and fills from the tap.  It has a pump included to access the water.  We plan on adding two of these to our stash.  NB:  This is a one-time use item, but at a cost of $18.90, it's well worth it.

However, a reviewer on Amazon said this about the waterBOB:
This is a must have for anyone worried about losing power and water. I live in Florida and during a hurricane I used mine. We went without power and water for a week. This water bladder really saved our bacon! We did not have to wait in a water line at the fire station like so many others. I keep reading people saying this is a one time use item. I rinsed the inside out with organic apple vinegar and spring water and then used a shop vac to dry the inside of mine. There has been no mildew or foul odors I would use it again with confidence.

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