Monday, March 10, 2014

Have you seen the Cadillac ad that has libtards in a twist?...

personally I like it because I'm a big fan of Neal McDonough, who does a superb job on this ad.

In 2002, McDonough, along with Donnie Wahlberg, starred in the brilliant TV series Boomtown.   It was (IMO) one of the top 5 shows I've ever seen on TV.

Each episode followed a criminal investigation from different points of view; those of police officers and detectives, lawyers, paramedics, reporters, victims, witnesses and criminals.

It  was a bit disconcerting to watch the first few episodes because it would appear some scenes were actually just reruns of what you just watched.  I remember sitting there thinking, "Ummm, didn't I just watch that?"  Once I understood what they were doing and got in a "flow mode", I was hooked.

I then dragged my somewhat unwilling husband to the TV, telling him he must, must watch this show.  I remember telling him, "Okay, listen up.  It will be sort of weird at first, but after a few shows I'm confident you will "get it."  He did.  And then he was hooked.

In 2010, McDonough was fired from the TV series Scoundrels for refusing to do a steamy sex scene saying it would "would violate his Catholic faith and his role as a husband and father."

Good for him!

So why are the libtards in a twist over the ad?

Because, dear readers, they see it as anti-European, pro-American, pro-hard work, and, dear Lord in heaven, it praises hard work.

Can't have any of that subversive hard work, doncha know?

Far better to lose your job and follow your bliss while someone else picks up the tab.  How European can we get?   

And even worse, it celebrates Americanism.  Be still my beating heart.

According to Newsbusters:
 Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulos & Co. were so troubled by a new pro-American Cadillac commercial that they devoted an entire segment to wondering if the ad was “arrogant” and “xenophobic.”
[...]But, the ABC hosts clearly sided with the aggrieved left. Robin Roberts appeared disgusted, complaining, "But, oh my goodness. And what's wrong with taking more than two weeks off?" 
The car has a sticker price starting at 75K, so I won't be buying one anytime soon.  However, I celebrate the fact that some people will be buying one.  But whining libtards are all about envy.  If they can't afford one,
 it's because the world isn't fair.  I'm surprised they haven't marched on DC claiming they have a "right" to a Cadillac ELR. 

It's a pretty car made even prettier by a winking Neal McDonough sitting behind the wheel.

Want to watch Boomtown?  You can do that HERE

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