Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Don Bongino: Quote of the Day...

and we thank him. 


Obama's Secret Service agent: Drain D.C. cesspool

“Voting is not enough. It’s not. You haven’t done your duty by voting. If you’re not calling your congressman, if you’re not sending letters to the office, if you’re not volunteering for campaigns or volunteering for a cause, if you’re not donating money to a cause or a campaign, even a dollar, then folks you’re not part of the (solution), you’re the problem,” Bongino said.

“We need you. We need your voice. The left has been experts at this for years at whittling away our freedom. Voting is not enough. I cannot say that enough. You have to do. Talk is cheap. Action matters. Action is what changes the world. Talk is only good if it changes action.” 
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