Monday, October 14, 2013

Sock puppet Obama to meet with Reid and Boehner today to continue the charade of "negotiating"...

the picture below says it all.  Aren't those items in reverse order?

This is all nothing more than a bunch of political theater - on both sides of the aisle.  I'm sure they'll drag it out until the 17th, which is the date chosen for government default.  There's plenty of tax revenue to pay the interest, but we are constantly threatened with Social Security payments not being made. 


I haven't heard one politician mention cutting welfare or food stamps.  And it they did do that, consider what just happened in Louisiana when WalMart decided to allow people to purchase with their EBT cards even though the verification system was down.  Never mind "no limit living", how about "no limit shopping?"

This is exactly what this administration wants.  Chaos.  Wait until there's a real emergency.  If you live in a high density area, I highly recommend the following article.

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