Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This whole Syria thing is just plain weird...

let's start by talking about dead people.

The administration is screeching about the "moral outrage" of chemical attacks that killed more than 300 people in Syria.  Yet, they haven't had much to say about the previous 100K or so dead; people killed by machetes, guns, garrotes, and be-headings.  Dead is dead.  Is one way of killing people more "moral" than another?

Then they proceed to go all blah-blah over what they're going to do.  I'm surprised they haven't started a Facebook page called "We're Really Pissed and Morally Outraged and So We're Going to Spend a Crap Load of Money That We Don't Have to Lob a Few Missiles at You."  Click here if you "like."

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Assad is moving all his toys somewhere else so that the aforementioned missiles don't hit anything important.  Anyone want to bet on whether he's moved the civilians so they don't get mangled?

Putin is in an uproar over the whole upcoming scenario, Syria is threatening to bomb Israel, and promising a bunch of terror attacks in the USA.

My question?  What the hell is really going on that this administration doesn't want us to know?

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