Monday, August 19, 2013

Flower Tower Power...

in case you're sick of all the crapola going on in the world, I thought you might want to see something pretty.

I decided to make a flower tower for my front deck and I wanted it BIG - mainly because I didn't want to cut my fencing in half.  Waaaay too much work.  So my flower tower measures 4 1/2 feet tall from the deck to the top.

Here's what I started with back in May:

And here they are now:

(Notice also that the disgustingly ugly metal mini-blinds are gone.  We bought 2 1/2 inch Norman faux wood blinds from and couldn't be more pleased.  Great service and super great price.  We also put them in the bedroom.  They changed the entire feel of the rooms.  It also meant I could sh*t can the little cafe curtains which were there to hide the ugly mini-blinds.  I love wide open windows.)     

Next year I'm going to use three flats of petunias instead of two so they fill in faster.  And I'm planning another one for the back deck that gets full sun so I can use Wave petunias.  Maybe I'll shoot for 6 feet. 

I love petunias.  They smell so good in the evening.  You can just barely see little Frankie peeking out the door wondering what I'm doing.  Who else but your dog is interested in everything you do??

 The back deck is abloom, too:

Look closely and you'll see Frankie peeking out the back door.  It looks like St. Francis (Frank to his friends) is offering him a treat.

I love our decks.

My vintage ladder (painted a lovely pistachio green) has all but disappeared under the scarlet runner

 Here's how to make a flower tower.  I used the much stiffer and higher quality weed fabric from Costco.  It's much easier to work with than the limp black stuff and will last much longer.

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