Friday, June 7, 2013

What's being hidden from us...

while scandal after scandal is hitting the news?

When the news is reporting one major thing after another, I'm frantically looking around for what it is they don't want us to see.

My prediction all along has been that we'll see a collapse of the dollar, and a rapid entry into what will escalate into WWIII.  This conflict will be nothing like previous encounters.  The countries that hate us are well equipped with nuclear and biological weapons, plus our country is chock full of our enemies just itching to cause mayhem.  Our government allowed these people to enter, full well knowing they were dangerous.

I link often to controversial postings - usually without comment.  What I, or your uncle Bob, thinks is of small importance.  What you read and what you think is.  I leave the discernment of information up to you.

Sometimes, like with individuals like Alex Jones, it's not always simple.  Likewise, Doug Hagmann's writing style sometimes makes you go; hmmmmmmmmm.  When I read things that cite anonymous "insider" type people, my cautiousness increases.  And yet - I read, note the salient points, and try to corroborate what is being said.  Often the corroboration is no more than common sense - something sorely lacking in this country today.

When I hear the president refer to what is going on with the mining of meta-data as "hype", as he did today, in an attempt to marginalize the majority of people in this country, those little hairs on my neck stand at attention.

Do I think we're going to be hauled into so-called FEMA "camps."  No.  The country is just too damn big for such a thing.  Again - that's just my opinion.   Do I think they will try to impose martial law?  Very possibly.  As we saw in Boston, people cheered because they shut down an entire city to hunt for one lone terrorist.

Notice also the proliferation of casual references to the Bilderberg Group.  They're meeting right now in Great Britain. Twenty years ago if you mentioned the existence of such a group, people scoffed and wondered why you weren't wearing a tinfoil hat.  Suddenly, we have the names of the attendees published and the world yawns.  Are they a dangerous group planning world domination?  I have no idea, but I do find it odd that we're being desensitized about their existence.

So what does Doug Hagman have to say?:

DHS insider: It’s about to get very ugly

I'm headed off to work where I'll cook and serve a bunch of Johnsonville Bratwurst (they even do a very credible job with their Italian sausage for a place named Johnsonville) served with Stubb's Hickory Bourbon BBQ sauce.  The majority of people I come in contact with will be of like mind to moi.  I love North Idaho...

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