Sunday, May 12, 2013

This and That for Mother's Day...

in no particular order...

I have 65 tabs open in my browser and they're all competing for the few brain cells I still possess.  I've been giving it a bit of a rest since Carol/Bunni passed away on the 29th of April.

So many people have donated to her funeral expense fund that it's truly inspiring.  We could still use a bit of help and in my upper left corner there is a donate button if you can help in any small way.

Opus, of American Perspective, flew from California to Chicago for Carol's funeral and has posted a lovely remembrance along with some photo's of Carol's "real-life friends."

Link: Amusing Bunni's Friends and Family: Funeral Day May 8, 2013

Our friend Curmudgeon, at Political Clown Parade, posted two of the most touching tributes to Carol - and we thank her.   She also used her remarkable Photoshop skills to design a couple of lovely remembrances. 

Link: We Change The World A Little Each Day With Our Kindness  

Link: Farewell My Friend 

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The day before I heard that Carol had passed away, I had put out some stationary and cute bunny stickers to send her a little note.  They're still sitting there today, but as I told Opus in an email, it's time to put them away.  

For Bunni:

Our Bunni Guardian Angel in the Blogosphere

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