Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our precious Bunni has crossed the Rainbow Bridge...w/ Update's 1 and 2

may God bless her and keep her in his loving arms. 


Carol, proprietor of Amusing Bunni's Musings blog, passed away last Sunday from an aggressive cancer that was only diagnosed shortly before last Thanksgiving.

I apologize to anyone who thought "Bunni" was, well - a bunny.  On the other hand, Carol would find it amusing.   ;-)

Update 2:

Opus, of American Perspective, has pictures given to her by Carol to be posted after her death.  Our Bunni was not only beautiful on the inside, she was beautiful on the outside. 

RIP Bunni!  
You brought great joy, laughter, and love to all of your fans.
You will be missed! 

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