Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's Thursday...

what's going on.


Capitalist Preservation:   The MUSLIM JIHADIST murderers of British soldier Drummer Lee Rigby: Who they are and there conections to MI5

The Lonely Conservative:   When Muslims Attack, You Better Just Shut Up About It

1389 Blog:   UK machete attack at Accrington barber’s shop; police looking for “gang of Asian [i.e., MUSLIM] men”

Saberpoint:  The Incredible Denial of Apologists for Islam


Jammie Wearing Fools:   NY Times Notices Obama’s Out-of-Control Travel Spending

Nox and Friends:   * Krauthammer: The Real Scandal Behind Benghazi

Freedom's Lighthouse:  Jay Sekulow: IRS Scandal Goes “Far Beyond a Couple of Rogue Agents in Cincinnati”; Sources Tell NBC News Decisions Made from Washington – Video 5/29/13


Maggie's Notebook:   Startling ObamaCare Map of State Exchange Options: Who’s the Decider?


Sentry Journal:  Is the Guns and Ammo Shortage Crisis Ending?…Maybe

Protein Wisdom:  “California Senate approves seven gun control bills”


MOTUS: No, Not Here - Over There: Lady M’s Got Veggies! Shiny!

Palate Cleansers 

Woodsterman:   Beware of Older Men . . .

Carol's Blog:   HORSES-A Reprieve from the 'Stuff'

Quote of the Day:

From Digital Hairshirt:
If you ardently support same-sex marriage, or if you ardently support one man/one woman marriage, then you should join together to admonish your friends who are living together and just "shacking up," and tell them their love is not as strong or as relevant as that between two spouses.

Because if you feel that strongly about marriage, then it applies across the board and those folks are just playing married.

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