Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Carol Mackie/Amusing Bunni funeral...

is tomorrow (Wednesday, May 8) in Chicago, Illinois.

Opus, at American Perspective, is on a plane to attend the funeral.

From Opus:
Update: (5/7/13) I will be on an airplane today flying to Chicago. I look forward to meeting fellow bloggers and friends of Amusing Bunni, Carol Mackie in person. Let's give her a good send off. See you there. I have long blonde hair and will be wearing a black skirt suit and pearls. Any donations via this paypal button will go toward Bunni's final expenses. Or if you are going there in person, perhaps seek out the funeral director and make a donation onto her account balance directly.
Our guardian angel, Bunni
The donation button for help with Carol's funeral and burial is located on the top left of American Perspective.  Don't click on the donate button in the post (like I did - duh!) and wonder why nothing is happening.  (I hate it when that happens!)

Opus also has links to leave messages at both the funeral home and the Legacy site. 

God speed, Bunni!

We miss you...

American Perspective link

And could you please link to American Perspective so that we can get Bunni's funeral paid for?  Thank you...

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