Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Your future is being played out in Canada...

we've been warned.

Think homosexual "marriage" is just about two people "loving" each other (because we all know that nothing says love like unnatural sex)? 

Blazing Cat Fur reports on The Day of Pink in the Peel District** of  Canada and it's not pretty.   Supposedly everyone is to wear pink and declare bullying to be bad.  Except, the school district up there is bullying the parents. 

A highlight (emphasis mine)
  • As teachers, we do not condone children being removed from classes when we teach about Aboriginal People, people of colour, people with disabilities or LGBTTIQ people
  • You can teach your own values at home. Public schools teach everyone about respecting diversity and valuing everyone
  • This is not about parent rights. Children have the right to an inclusive education free from discrimination
An education "free from discrimination" which discriminates against anyone who thinks marriage is between a man and a women.  Were these teachers and administers ever taught basic logic?

 Do you really think you can overcome 8 hours of government indoctrination with a few hours of your values? 

Head over and read the entire article and be sure and read what the school board thinks are appropriate responses to questions they may encounter from students.  


American Thinker:   Facing the Hardest Truth on Public Education

**The Regional Municipality of Peel (also known as Peel Region) is a regional municipality in Southern Ontario, Canada. It consists of three municipalities to the west and northwest of Toronto: the cities of Brampton and Mississauga, and the town of Caledon. The entire region is part of the Greater Toronto Area and the inner ring of Golden Horseshoe. The regional seat is in Brampton. With a population of 1,296,814 (2011 census), Peel Region is the second-largest municipality in Ontario after Toronto.

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