Monday, April 8, 2013

When all the news is bad... (video)

or seems to be -  it might be time to reassess what you're doing.

I have to meet with my tax preparer today.  After that, lunch and shopping for some garden items. 

I've parked a bunch of great reads in my tabs for later, but one that stood out for me this morning was How They Will Steal Your Retirement, by Karl Denninger, posted over at Market Ticker. 

Read it and heed his words.

I stumbled upon his article from a link posted by Doug Ross at Bad Blue Prep, another of his wonderful aggregate sites.  If you look on the top of any of the Bad Blue's, you'll see links to all his sites.  

Combined with a guest post at Zero Hedge,  The Country Is Over, things look pretty bleak.  You have only a few choices to make (IMO.)  Either you sit back and pretend everything is fine (normalcy bias), or you realize we're in the middle of sh*t storm, sit in a corner and twirl your hair while sucking your thumb.  The other choice is to become proactive. 

I choose proactive.

What do you choose? 

Watch: Anonymous 2013 Martial Law is certain. Is he right?

H/T Survivalist Blog

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