Friday, April 5, 2013

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just some thoughts.

Imagine a world where little girls will be hitting up the local pharmacy for the morning after pill.  These girls should not even be having a "morning after."  Where the hell are their parents?

Creative Minority Report:   Unreal: Judge Orders Morning-After Pill Available OTC for All Ages

Not to worry.  Pedophilia will soon be legal.  Don't doubt me...

Digital Hairshirt:   Inch by inch, pedophilia comes out of the closet - and is welcomed

Ever notice all the sexy pictures very young (and some not so young) girls put on their Facebook pages.  When they do, everyone chimes in and tells them how pretty they are creating the next generation of narcissists.  While the "nice" girls post "nice" pictures, the reaction is always the same.  "Oh, you're sooooo pretty."   Most of these pics are taken in a bathroom.  I've come to the conclusion that most people have really ugly and dirty bathrooms.

Privacy concerns with Facebook?  Give me a break.  I was just in your ugly dirty bathroom.

The Blaze:   What About Facebook’s New ‘Home’ Feature for Phones Is Concerning? It ‘Erodes Any Idea of Privacy’

Let the bad loans roll out again.  The Won's administration is bemoaning the fact that dead-beat young people can't buy a house.  Boo Hoo!   How long before the next housing collapse?

Capitalist Preservation:   Obama administration to rerun housing disaster by lowering lending standards once again

The White House is now proposing cuts to Medicare and Social Security.  Why are those always the top two items brought up for cuts?  While both of these programs are a nightmare and should eventually be abolished, the fact remains that they are the only ones that people actually contributed were forced to contribute to.

How about we start with the welfare mooches who make more money by doing nothing than if they worked?

Blazing Cat Fur:   White House Official: Obama Will Propose Cuts to Social Security
A key feature of the plan Obama is proposing for the federal budget year beginning Oct. 1 is a revised inflation adjustment called “chained CPI.” This new formula would effectively curb annual annual increases in a broad swath of government programs, but would have its biggest impact on Social Security.
Ace of Spades:   ObamaCare Bait And Switch: Some Medicare Cuts Kill, Others Are Just Dandy

Moonbattery:   Under ObamaCare, Medicare to Cover Sexual Disfigurement Procedures

Capitalist Preservation:   Why work when you can make more on welfare and spend it any way you like?

 Allow me to repeat myself:  This country has a spiritual and moral problem.  We now celebrate unnatural sexual practices and call it "love", and the willful killing of millions of babies and call it "choice." 

Camp of the Saints:   On Obama: Making The Point…Again
[...]How can you sit there, with the mountains of evidence at your command, and still ascribe any — any — positive motives to what this man-child does? How do you sleep?

Obama and his comrades are set upon the destruction of The American Republic and, more importantly, the dissipation of The American Spirit into the foul air of banal enslavement.

They despise everything — every damn thing — you stand for. They want to destroy your representative government, deny you a voice in your own destiny, destroy your family, destroy your relationships, destroy your property, obliterate your belief in the self-evident Truths handed to us by Nature’s God. And they don’t want you to simply agree to be ruled by them — no, no — they want you to betray your own soul and embrace them — they want you to love Big Brother.

This is insidious. This is pure, unadulterated Evil at work here. read the rest

I absolutely believe that we are heading for some very, very bad times.  Numbers don't lie.  Two plus two is still four, and a country where 90 million people are out of the workforce is heading for disaster.  Who wants to be living in downtown Chicago or Detroit when we hit bottom?

I've never seen the show Doomsday Preppers, but I understand it mocks some extremist type "preppers."   It's just another way for the "elites" to mock people who think having more than 4 rolls of potty tissue are nuts.  

My advice?  Every time you go to the store buy a few extra things to put in your pantry.  Don't forget the potty paper.

Survivalist Blog:   Action plan: To prepare for economic collapse.

Just to leave you with some cringe inducing hypocrisy, listen to Mooch talk about, you know, how much, you know, she cares about kids. You know?  Really?  Like, you know, sending her own, you know, young daughters, you know, on a trip to the Bahamas followed by some, you know, skiing in Sun Valley.  Let me be clear - YOU PAID FOR THAT WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS!!! Millions and millions of your tax dollars to entertain her spoiled little brats.

On a side note: what the hell has she done to her face?  Note to Mooch:  Lay off the fillers - your eyes are disappearing. 

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