Wednesday, March 13, 2013

White House Initiative on Education Excellence for African Americans...

maybe we can get them smart enough to apply for a photo ID.

And they call us racists?

Maggie, proprietor of the very popular Maggie's Notebook (sigh - I only have a corner), tells us about this latest insult to minorities. 

Paying States to Lower Goals for Blacks Hispanics and Poor, Raise Goals for Whites Asians

And...............she earned the spot on quote of the day award!
[...]If schools are not equal, the truth to be faced is that most well-qualified teachers do not want to teach in dangerous neighborhoods among poorly-qualified teachers. Fix that problem. We are a nation held hostage by dangerous children and unions. Police trying to rid neighborhoods of gangs are stopped cold by judges or local laws. Clean up the neighborhoods and put those tattooed freaks behind bars so that other children can use their schools to learn to read and write and do basic math. Teachers will come. Clean up the Teacher’s Unions and get rid of the blathering, slang-spewing, anti-American teachers who teach victimization. Clean-up those unions putting adult molesters in rubber rooms with life-time pay and benefits and hold their plethora of stupidest teachers in high-esteem. Good teachers want no part of that. Empower parents – bring on the vouchers.  go and read the whole article it's excellent

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