Thursday, January 24, 2013

Racism: Libtards just can't help themselves...

and some Wild Bill.

Ever wonder why the tragedy in Sandy Hook is being used by the libtards to push their anti-gun agenda when every year we have hundreds of black children slaughtered in the streets of Chicago?

They're using Sandy Hook because it was white kids who were killed.  In their warped thinking, they believe that someone who clings to conservative values wouldn't give a rip about those black kids.  This is proven wrong over and over.  Who is it that cares about black kids being aborted at a rate that is surely making Martin Luther King do flip-flops in his grave?  It's not the libtards.  They gloat over the genocide of black people and call it "choice."

Their inherent racism is projected unto "We the People" who champion the rights of everyone - not just the chosen few.  The proof is the white yuppie soy-latte drinking quasi-intellectuals who have jumped on the push for gun bans.  After all, it's for the white kids, doncha know?


Dems Reintroduce ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban (and List Shows It’s Not Just Rifles): ‘Purpose Is to Dry Up the Supply of These Weapons Over Time’

Wild Bill is backing up what I've already said!

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