Thursday, January 10, 2013

Libtards are bullies...

you know that's true.

How many times have you squelched your true opinion in order to avoid a confrontation with a libtard?  I have done this many times because, at my core, I don't like confrontation.  And when confronted by someone who gets in my face and calls me stupid, I usually choose the path of least resistance. 

All too often, the worst offenders are family members, who will speak to you in a way they would never speak to someone outside the family.  Because I believe in the Constitution, think abortion is inherently evil, and homosexuals are called to chastity, my own family has labeled me as a "hater" and religious fanatic.  Their loss.

How about the rest of the people you come in contact with, and how we should deal with them?  First, study and know the Constitution.  Read or re-read the Federalist Papers.  And then when someone says guns should be outlawed, you will be in a position to calmly ask them to explain the 2nd amendment.

For every statement they make that is antithetical to the constitution, ask them to explain the pertinent amendment.  And keep on asking.  If they ask you a question, respond with a question. Do not back down.  Avoid all references to your "feelings."  We don't care how anyone "feels"; we operate with facts. If they bring up their feelings, and they surely will since libtards operate on emotion, repeat the previous sentence to them.

  Whenever possible, find something funny about what they're saying.   If they become ugly, respond by saying, "It's clear we are unable to have a rational adult discussion", and walk away.  By walking away, you have guaranteed that you will live rent free in their heads until the day they become room temperature. 

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Glenn Beck interviews Ben Shapiro about his new book  “Bullies: How The Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America.”

H/T for video:  Blazing Cat Fur

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