Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Kindergarden of Eden: What is liberalism?...(video)

personally I think it's a collection of people who, as my hubby says, "Haven't thought things through."

Bill Whittle interviews Evan Sayet about his new book, The Kindergarden of Eden.

From Youtube:
Author Evan Sayet sits with Bill Whittle to discuss his book The Kindergarden of Eden. Sayet thinks that most liberals are neither stupid nor evil. So why do liberal policies so often produce stupid, if not evil results? Is it because liberalism promotes evil over the good? Find out on this interview with the very funny and insightful Evan Sayet.
Since Minnesota (St.Paul) was my point of origin (I escaped early on to Texas and now live in Idaho), I know many liberals.  Not just any kind of liberals, but the over-the-top fire breathing type.  These are the type that if you say anything that contradicts or questions their world view, they erupt in ad hominem attacks.   Being called stupid was routine until I pulled the plug on these people.

Sayet says these people are not stupid and yet, most of them cannot defend their position with anything even remotely resembling facts.  Liberals don't see a contradiction between demanding our guns be taken away, while giving loud and proud support for abortion - even late term.  They see no problem with delivering a full-term child, jamming an implement into his or her little skull and sucking its brains out.  Our own president thinks a baby born alive should be shuttled off to a hospital closet to die.  These are the first people who are demanding massive gun restrictions, decrying the loss of innocent life in Sandy Hook. 

Where I come from, we call that stupid.  We also call it evil.

With that being said, it's still a very worthy interview and worth watching. 

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