Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Children sexting: Solution?...

MORE sex ed.

Like that's been working so well.  

What a crock.

How about parents behaving like parents?  There is no reason for a child to have a fancy phone when a basic Tracfone type with limited minutes can be utilized for emergencies.  Kids looking at porn online?  Move the computer to the family room and keep it on lock-down when parents are not home. Facebook?  Kick that to the curb.  Shut off the TV and give them a book.   

Dress your daughters modestly (and, no - that doesn't mean looking like Little House on the Prairie.)  There's something a bit nauseating about seeing little girls with exposed cleavage, skin tight jeans, and shorts so tiny their butts are hanging out. 

Teach your sons what a real man acts like.  Sit him down and explain to him that a real man doesn't demand sex from a little girl, or any woman, for that matter.

Take time to look at what Planned Parenthood is foisting on the children of this country because they have a vested interest in sexualizing children.  Do you realize that the largest abortion provider is setting up shops in schools?  

Oy vey!

From Mail Online:

Sex texts epidemic: Experts warn sharing explicit photos is corrupting children 
 Boys and girls as young as 13 routinely swap explicit pictures of themselves, a disturbing investigation reveals today.
Children are now so sexualised the practice has become ‘mundane and mainstream’. One girl told researchers: ‘I get asked for naked pictures at least two or three times a week.’
A boy said: ‘You would have seen a girl’s breasts before you’ve seen their face’ while another youngster referred to so-called sexting as ‘the new flirting’.  read the rest and weep

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