Monday, November 26, 2012

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry - an ignorant snotty b*tch calls the Blessed Virgin Mary an "unwed" mother......

 another good reason to dump your cable.

Good grief - Mary an "unwed mother?"  Harris-Perry parades her astonishing lack of Biblical knowledge  for all 10 or so of her viewers.

Note to Harris-Perry:  Mary and Joseph were "betrothed", which at that time in history was considered the same as being married by the Jews.  May I also remind you that Mary was a virgin.  That's why we call her the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Capisce?
In considering the marriage of Joseph and Mary it is important to grasp from the outset the Jewish conception of the betrothal as distinguished from the marriage ceremony itself. A betrothal among the Jews was different from an engagement as we know it. The espousals were a solemn contract concerning a marriage; they were made before witnesses, and had for object the union of the parties. According to Jewish legislation, the betrothal established between the bride and the groom a legal bond much closer than with us. The betrothed woman was considered as the wife of the man from the moment of the betrothal (Deuteronomy 22:23-24), although she had not yet entered the habitation of her husband. The husband could not repudiate his betrothed without giving her a bill of divorce; in case of fornication with another man the betrothed was treated as an adulteress.  source

Her offensive sing-songy idiocy is at 1:39, so you won't have to burden yourself with watching the whole thing. 

H/T   The Blaze

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