Monday, November 5, 2012

Mayor Rudy Giuliani: Sandy "recovery" is a media myth...

Obama is a disaster.

I could sit in my back bedroom office with a single land-line and coordinate a better recovery effort than FEMA has done.  I understand they're just now taking bids for water.  Taking bids??  Drawing up requisitions?  How about you fill a bunch of jugs with water from the neighboring communities and walk them into Jersey?  What the hell is so damn hard about this? 

And where in hell are all those porta-potties that were stacked up for the marathon?  Why aren't they being driven into Jersey?  Are they sitting next to the unused generators, which are sitting next to the bottled water, which are sitting next to the peanuts and apples left over from the cancelled marathon?  I bet those people would love to have some peanuts and apples.

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