Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why I support Obama...

a look into the mind of a liberal.

A recent picture has been circulating among the people who consider themselves the "intelligentsia" listing the reasons they consider most important to reelect Obama.

The country has added over 6 trillion dollars of new debt,  23 million people are out of work, which doesn't include the people who have given up even looking for work, tens of millions of people have been added to the ranks of the disabled, and millions more are now on food stamps.  Billions of our dollars have been diverted to so-called green energy companies in what will go down in history as the biggest money laundering scheme ever.  ObamaCare is decimating businesses and causing lay-offs, and four Americans were sacrified in Benghazi in what can only be called an act of treason by this administration, and the following is why they think Obama deserves another term.

These people, who can be referred to as the low-information voters, are more concerned about "free" birth control - an issue that was never an issue until a very short time ago, homosexuals being able to "marry", and the mourning of dead fish, than they are about dead Americans. 

They live cocooned in a world awash in soy lattes, surrounded by others of their ilk, and neither fact-check their assumptions or converse on the issues with anything other than ad hominem attacks.  They demand tolerance while displaying an intolerance for conservatives or religious people that can only be called, well, intolerant and they completely fail to see the irony.

You can't turn the Titanic around in a day?  In case you haven't gotten the news, the Titanic sunk and so will you.


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