Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trying to Cope with Stupidity...

and having a hard time.

It is with much regret that I wasted quite a bit of time reviewing an article over at The Blaze about the opinion piece NFL player Matt Birk wrote that was published in the Mpls. Star-Trib opposing same sex "marriage."

Which, of course, meant that I had to enter into the crazy commie world of the Star-Trib to read comments, which in turn, led me to the vile, profanity ridden rebuttal written by the Minnesota Vikings Chris Kluwe.

From The Blaze:
After Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo supported gay marriage, state delegate Emmett C. Burns Jr. wrote a letter asking Baltimore owner Steve Bisciotti to limit such comments from players.
That led Vikings punter Chris Kluwe to pen a profane letter to the delegate defending both free speech and gay marriage.
Now Ravens center (and former Viking) Matt Birk has penned an opinion in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune supporting free speech and opposing gay marriage.
My observations:
  • Matt Birk, a clean-cut well-spoken young man, is vilified while Chris Kluwe, who looks like the worst bum I've ever seen in the food line at the Union Gospel Mission in Spokane, is treated as some sort of hero. 
  • Young people watch sports.  No big surprise there.  And what do the young people encounter?  They see attractive clean-cut men like Matt Birk and Tim Tebow brutally mocked, dare we even say "bullied", while inarticulate foul-mouthed types like Chris Kluwe are lionized.  Is it any surprise that the kids I encounter at our public library spew profanity and dress like wannabee gang members or hookers?
  • And finally - gay "marriage" is not about marriage, it's about sex, and I am darn tired of having to incessantly listen to them crow about the manner in which they engage in perverted sex.  Because, wait for it, absolutely nothing will ever make a sexual encounter between two men or two women normal.
My buddy Jim, at Conservatives on Fire is also having trouble dealing with stupidity (I stole the title from him.)  
Folks, I understand that not everyone can be intelligent. But, stupidity seems to have reached epidemic proportions in the world today and America has not escaped this tragedy. This seems to be particularly true for those on the left side of the political spectrum.

Like me, most of you have probably seen some videos put up by conservatives that have gone viral. One was of a woman who was more than a little emotional because she had gotten an Obama phone. The other video I have in mind was where a sneaky conservative was interviewing Obama supporters at some rally. When asked if they agreed with Obama’s decision to name Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. They said they thought that was a good decision. The follow-up question was if they thought Obama picked Paul Ryan because Ryan was black or because Ryan was a very capable man? Some responded it was because Ryan was a good man and others responded that the decision was probably based on a little bit of both of the suggested reasons. It scares me that people that stupid have the right to vote.  read the rest

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