Friday, October 5, 2012

It's Friday...

and I survived my first day at my new job with just a slightly sore back.

Day two this afternoon.

Bruce McQuain:  Debunking the Obama economic litany in one chart

Cato:   George Will Quotes Cato Study Showing IPAB Is Even Worse than Romney Says

Pamela Geller:   Hot Air Is Full of Just That

Capitalist Preservation:   Top 5 false economic ideas driving Obama

Lonely Conservative:   Unemployment Rate Magically Dropped To Under 8%

Another Blogger Birthday Alert

The very hard-working patriot Kathleen, at My Daily Musing, is having a birthday today.  She's taking the day off to celebrate.  Let's all sneak over while she's gone and wish her a very happy birthday.

My Daily Musing 

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