Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ann Althouse doubles down on Obama's great debate performance......

or something.

Someone please explain to me how this woman gets such a massive amount of attention (and hits.)  Oh sure, she has Instapundit linking to her, ad nauseum, and I understand how a couple of law professors would stick together.

Ms Althouse says: 
Checking my observations on second viewing, looking to see what all the commentators claim to have seen, my experience was the same. Obama's performance was surely defensible. He didn't hem and haw or pause or look sleepy. He drifted from topic to topic too much and absurdly returned to schools too many times, but it seemed to me he had chosen a strategy, which was to be a decent, thoughtful, moderate guy, perhaps because it would appeal to women (like me) and to moderate undecideds (like me).
I think it's time for that woman to crawl off her comfy little campus and take a gander at the real world. 

That is all. 

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